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With SAVEFRUIT® we have develop a post-harvest solution that enables longer life of fruits than any other product on the market, while also generating virtually no waste or residue for its application and without altering the quality, taste, texture, or water content of your fresh produce.


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SAVEFRUIT's product presentation is as innovative as what it does. Coming in at half a pound, it enables the treatment of about 20 tons of fresh produce.

  • We reduce food waste

    Today, about 40% of the world's food production goes directly to waste, many times untouched. A big factor in this is not only food spoilage, but the often unconscious decision of buyers to select only the freshest-looking produce at stores. With SAVEFRUIT® fresh produce looks and remains fresher for longer, allowing a window of effective sales.

  • We help the environment without generating waste in the process

    Most post-harvest products in the market require antiquated and often wasteful applications, often leaving a layer on top of your fresh produce that alters its taste and needs to be washed more carefully by the end user. SAVEFRUIT® not only does not alter the natural texture of your fresh produce, its taste or water content, but also allows for an innovative and fast application process.

  • We lengthen the shelf life of your fresh produce by 2.3x on top of existing post-havest's

    Due to the innovative science behind SAVEFRUIT®, it works and benefits from existing post-harvest products, extending the shelf life of your product by 2.3x on top of them. This includes methods like refrigeration, fruit wax, and other solutions.

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How is it applied?

Our application process is simple: SAVEFRUIT® is first appllied by separating the produce that will receive the treatment into an enclosed chamber, which can be a cold room or a sealed truck. Then the SAVEFRUIT® powder solution is gasified by a team of on-site professionals inside the chamber, and left to sit for between 4 and 12 hours for most products. Due to this, it enables our users to integrate this application process into the export, storage or transport stages.

What presentation does it come in?

The product comes in a sealed bag in the form of a fine powder. It comes in a mix and quantity according to the specifications of each fruit. The gasification process consists of dissolving the powder in water using special equipment. Due to our innovative presentation and patented technology, SAVEFRUIT® has an expiration date of 2 years, before which it retains all its properties.

What does it do?

SAVEFRUIT® increases the shelf life of all supported products by a factor of 2.3x without affecting the organoleptic properties or theirmaturation cycle. Due to our innovative approach on post-harvest, this increase is measured in relation to your product's current shelf life expectation, on top of your existing post-harvest technology, including refrigeration and fruit wax. For example an avocado that normally has a shelf life of 12 to 14 days, with our technology can be expected to have an increased shelf life of up to a month. All of this without altering the texture, water content or taste of the produce.

Would integrating this into my existing workflow be cumbersome?

Not at all! SAVEFRUIT's application is easy and can be done with minimal training. The product is very forgiving and even flaws in its application will not negatively alter any of the product's qualities, just like under a successful application. It is also fast, with most produce taking only 4 to 12 hours to be completely protected. We provide assistance and personnel throughout all of these stages. This application process, as discussed above, can be integrated gracefully into the export, storage or transport stages.

Can it be applied on-tree?

SAVEFRUIT® is a post-harvest technology, which means it is only validated and tested for application after the product leaves the tree and is ready to enter the export, storage or transport stages. Since it is gasified to be applied any application in an open environment would be ineffective.

Which fresh produce varieties does it work on?

Our technology is validated, tested and developed individually to be effective for the most varieties of bananas, mangoes, tomatoes, apples, papayas, and avocados. We are testing and developing solutions for new fresh produce varieties every day, and are expected to soon launch SAVEFRUIT® for blueberries.

Does it work in other fresh produce varieties?

Our technology is validated, tested and developed individually for each fresh produce variety, and as such we can only guarantee its efficacy in the products listed above. Use of SAVEFRUIT® in any fruit or vegetable other than the specific variety it was purchased for will not damage it in any way, but is unlikely to produce any noticeable extension on its shelf life and quality.

Is it toxic?

SAVEFRUIT® is based on research on the preservation mechanisms found in nature and is created with only ingredients of natural origin. As such, it is not only safe for humans, it is also safe for other animals and the environment, and doesn't generate any waste, harmful byproducts, or altered texture on the products it is applied to, at any point of its application.